Family and Community Sciences Department

Head of department : Dr. Fatima Omer Nabag Mohamed

Mission:- 1. To enable the student to develop, use and mange human and non human resources for the benefits of individual, family and community, now and in the future. 2. This involves study and research and the arts concerned with different as pacts of family life (food, shelter, health, and clothes) and its interaction with physical, economic and social environments. Vision:- Family and Community Science Its nature and operation is qualified to work collaboratively with other agriculture college to fulfill the university goals and mission in the aerie of education, research, extension and out reach society programmes. Objectives:- 1. Calls for theoretical mastery of the course content as well as practical aspect of the occupation. 2. Provide services beneficial to the society. 3. Carry out research for staff development as well as give meaning to family science profession.

Academic Programs:


  • Family Science Laborator