Food Sciences and Technology Department

Head of department : Dr. Maha Fadul Mohammed Albalola

The Department of Food Science and Technology reach its objectives depending on the international morals with emphasis on the Sudanese nation values. believes, morals and trust. Department of Food Science and Technology designed a sound curriculum beside many other activities which can be summarized as follows: 1. To provide the student with sound knowledge in food processing technology such as dehydrated foods, food irradiation, foods or special diets, cooled foods, dairy products, fruits and vegetables processing, cereal technology and baking, candy manufacture, food additives, food safety, Sudanese foods and some others. 2. To provide the students with the basic principles and knowledge of problems associated with post processing of foods such as packaging, shelf life, contaminated, spoiled food and food quality. 3. To provide the community with well trained graduates who can provide the community with technical assistance in food processing and quality assessment. 4. The department will conduct a public awareness programs on food through workshops, conferences, and distribution of consumer pamphlets 5. The department will conduct scientific research to develop food processes and new food formulations with concentration on the health aspects of processed food. 6. The department will conduct special training programs for workers in the food industry and upgrade their professional experience and skills. Upon the completion of this program of study which is well designed to fulfill the needs of the Sudanese society, our graduates should have acquired a high level of training and a strong background in the scientific and technological aspects of food processing. Accordingly our graduates should be able to work in the following sectors:- 1. in public and private sectors in testing food products and processing technology. 2. In technical services and sale department of equipment suppliers or food ingredients to the food industry. 3. In product and process development department of food companies. 4. As production manager in food factories. 5. In quality control department of any food company. 6. A consultant for food companies on product or process development. 7. As food editor for magazines, newspapers and cookbooksetc .concerning food.

Academic Programs:


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