Scientific Tour for Agric. Extension Students

The Fifth year students at Department of Agric. Extension went on a tour in their academic activities in the period 26 April - 6 May 2014.


The Seminar of Palm Date Researches Out-comes In Sudan

The seminar discuss the different researches about Palm Date in Sudan in the period 2004 - 2012.

Banana Seedlings Production by Tissue Culture

The College in collaboration with Horticulture Department produce banana seedling using tissue culture techniques for Sinnar State - 2007

International Conference of Organic agriculture

A conference conducted at Friendship Hall 6-7 April 2010, participants are: Sudan, China, Italy, Thailand,Egypt, Tunis, Japan, USA.

Managing Difficult Weeds Seminar

A seminar conducted at Al Shaheed Hall at SUST participants are :Sudan. Nigeria, Japan and China. November 2009

Mesqueet's Management

A seminar in how to manage Mesqueet Trees. Participants: Sudan and Japan, Al Shaheed Hall at SUST 2008

Animal Genetics Sources Conference

A conference. Participants : Sudan, Tunis, Egypt, USA.φAl Zubair Hall March 2007

Training Courses for Three Groups of Agricultural Extensionists

The College has established training courses for agricultural Extensionists of the Northern and the River Nile State in: tractors and agricultural machinery, irrigation and modern methods of irrigation, greenhouses, post-harvest for vegetables and fruit