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The College of Water and Environmental Engineering is one of Sudan University of Science and Technology colleges, it is looking forward to be the leading Water and Environment Engineering Collage within Sudan and the Region as a whole. It aims to graduate highly knowledgeable young engineers and technicians with B.Sc. and diploma with honor degrees in Water and Environmental Engineering and Planning and post-graduate studies who will shoulder the responsibility of developing and upgrading water and environment investigation, planning, execution and monitoring.
In addition to the study programs, the college will conduct applied research to contribute to solving the water and environmental problems facing the country.


It is one of the college objectives to help in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals to reduce by half the proportion of the people without suitable access to safe drinking water by the year 2015 and to ensure sustainable environmental development as well as to help in fulfilling the government five and twenty- five years national plans. CWEE will help 1- Increase the supply of the potable water by the end of five years so as to reduce by half the proportion of people without suitable access to safe drinking water source. 2- Conduct research on water and environmental issues as a priority in the university mandate through: - Scientific library that includes water and an environment data bank for Sudan and the neighboring countries. - Publish periodical public awareness leaflets and publications to educate the public and raise its environmental awareness. - Hold seminars, workshops, lectures and technical training courses to raise awareness and introduce know-how. - Strengthen the partnership with other institutions and government authorities through long-term agreements. - Offer consultancy services to the governmental agencies in the area of studying, reviewing, evaluating, monitoring, supervising and designing projects and plans related to water resources and other environmental issues. CWEE can also offer consultancy to local as well as international development organizations in preparing feasibility studies and evaluating existing or future projects and research. 3- Reduce water-related conflicts by finding new water sources and better management of the existing water sources using modern technologies and methodologies. 4- Conduct all laboratory tests needed by the community on water, wastewater, soil, air and plants


  • Goals of college are to graduate cadres in the field of manufacturing and water purification.
  • carry out Scientific researches in the area of water and advancing development in this regard.
  • Linking technical personnel action programs to enhance the efficiency of field and scholars during the stages of the study.
  • To increase awareness of scientific cadres and upgrading intermediate diploma to Bachelors.
  • Graduate of the MA and holders in this area.

  •  To graduate qualified students well equipped with knowledge and skills in his/her specialization to be ready for problem solving.

     Contribute to the development of the country by leading applied research for solving problems associated with water and environment.

     Assist in the training and awareness of trainers in different aspects of water and environmental engineering for the development of the community, country and the region, and to encourage the implementation of groundwater legislations.

     To keep the university staff-members, technicians and administrative staff up-to-date with technologies in their fields so as to interact with similar national, regional and international institutes e.g. training, exchange, joint, researchů..etc.

     Monitoring and assessment of water and environmental related issues.