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To be an engineering leader division in Sudan and Africa, and be a prominent and distinctive in the quality of Civil engineering education and be a unique center for some areas of civil engineering.


1.Provide students with excellence engineering education qualitatively 2.The development of knowledge and diversity 3.Community leadership 4.Giving students the skills of various educational knowledge, thinking, initiative and professional performance


  • 1.Provide students with a broad knowledge base in the areas of mathematics, general science and engineering sciences and basic
    2.Train students to design and conduct experiments, analyze and discuss the results and report writing scientific formula.
    3.Provide students with the technology required to practice the profession of civil engineering or upgraded for higher studies and scientific research.
    4.Train students to get modern scientific techniques and software packages, use and develop their abilities to continuous learning and their ability to keep up with the development and progress in various fields of civil engineering.